Purpose of SEESIM


The purpose of SEESIM is to promote cooperation, coordination and interoperability of civil-military operations and reinforce real world crisis response within and among the SEDM nations and the SEDM initiatives through effective use of computer modelling and simulation (M&S). The specific aim is to develop the capabilities and procedures of national and regional coordination, cooperation, and mutual assistance among the SEDM nations in the face of devastating emergencies, such as natural disasters or industrial accidents.

Specific objectives are:

  • To enhance interoperability and coordination in Disaster Relief Operations in a multinational environment under realistic conditions (for example, strict travel restrictions and health safety provision due to COVID-19 pandemic).
  • To increase interoperability among the SEDM participating nations and SEEBRIG, by exercising national/SEEBRIG procedures and improving national - regional processes in emergency response.
  • To encourage the development and interconnection of national simulation capabilities through a common communications network, in order to enable and sustain multinational operations.
  • To promote common understanding and trust among the participating nations, SEEBRIG, NATO and other entities.
  • To improve information flow and information management procedures among and within Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs) and SEEBRIG HQ.
  • To provide a training environment in order to promote transparency, confidence-building and good neighborliness.
  • To utilize new technologies that enhance cooperation, increase efficiency and effectiveness, as well as alleviate real life limitations, especially related to virus spread control protocols.